MarDiM Project (Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation in the Marmara Region and Disaster Education in Turkey)

2015 09_G4 Science Cafe @ Dedeman Park Hotel in Levent

The objective of the activity was to build reliable relationship between media personnel and scientific researchers. This aimed to have free dialogue and debate after a short information provided by researchers side. The organizing team tried to set up a casual manner surrounding the table to avoid one-sided information provision or a short question &answer session.

The program of the Day
- Welcoming Remarks Prof. Haluk ÖzeneR (KOERI)
- “Why the media is needed to “BE READY” for disaster” Prof. Mikdat KadIoğlu (IU)
- “What the MarDiM Project aims” Prof. Yoshiyuki KANEDA (Nagoya Univ.)
- “Japanese Experience on Both-way Communication between Media and Researchers”
                                        Prof. Kunihiko KUMAMOTO (Edogawa Univ.)
- Free Discussion (Chaired by Prof. KadIoğlu)
Prof. Kumamoto of Edogawa Univ. of Japan presented the case of Tohoku Earthquake in 2011, how the Japanese media delivered the Tsunami attach and afterwards. He introduced how the media had been preparing for the disaster coverage before the disaster.
A system of NSL (Network for Saving Lives) was also introduced; how media and researchers come closer to have regular study gathering. Prof, Kumamoto questioned the media participants to ask if it is possible to have a similar system in Turkey.
The participants contributed their opinions such as;
“Although we understand the importance of advance study and information exchange, it sounds difficult to realize it.”
“It is not realistic to place a designated reporter particularly for earthquake disaster because we do not have disaster that frequently.”
“I would like to attend such a gathering if there is another occasion.”
Face-to-face communication over time between the media and researchers will prevent false alarms which may be based on misunderstandings and shallow understanding. Media-researchers bond also creates an opportunity for researcher’s side to know what media (the general public) wants to know.
G4 will try to have such gathering twice a year to have better communication between media and researchers community.