MarDiM Project (Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation in the Marmara Region and Disaster Education in Turkey)

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Project Information

  • Duration:

    1st May, 2013 ~ 30th April, 2018


    The Marmara region is the most industrialized and developed area of Turkey. The region covers 33 % (22 million) of the total population of the country, 60 % of the Turkish industry as wellas 34 % of small business. All these socioeconomic indicators point at the importance of the region's safety in terms of seismic threat. Therefore, it is crucial to decrease the seismic risks in this region.
    The research program under the MarDiM Project includes various sea-bottom and land-surface observations, gorund motion and tsunami simulations,experimental and survey studies on buildings, implementation of disaster education and training prgrams, and will provide decision makers with newly found knowledge for its implementation to the current regulations and increasing of disaster awareness ofthe people of Turkey.



    The MarDim Project aism to contribute to improve the early prediction ability of the earthquake and tsunami and to promote the improvement of awareness of disaster prevention.
    It also aims to contribute to the development of efficient disaster mitigation policy and strategies based on multidisciplinary research and disaster education programs.